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Feel the flow

What makes our boards different? Besides the awesome factor of being clear, it's the way the skateboard flows through your turns. Our secret bulletproof clear resin and innovative board design combines the FLEX of a snowboard with the FLOW of a surfboard giving you a board riding experience unlike any other.

bulletproof glass skateboards

made in the USA

est. 2012

It's all in the flex

Our bulletproof glass resin composite allows for a perfect amount of flex. Specifically, what Jelly decks allow is larger rebound from the bottom of your pumping motion, which generates greater forward propulsion. Find your rhythm and you’re flying!

Where will your Jelly take you?

Testimonials & Reviews

Bought the man o war longboard a couple weeks ago. It looks beautiful in person. The riding experience is smooth as butter and also carves really well. The weight is pretty good at around 9lb. I am happy with my purchase! Def recommend. Great company!

Mitch T. ★★★★★

I don't know much about skateboards but I asked a friend who suggested Jelly for my boyfriend and he's obsessed with it! Shipping was super fast and my boyfriend has been riding it pretty much everyday since I got it for him. Thanks Jelly :)

Kat L. ★★★★★

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