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First Day of SXSW

First Day of SXSW

March 13, 2016


The Jelly Crew pulled into Austin bumping West-Coast Hip-Hop with each one of their heads bouncing out the windows of the tour bus. They cruised around downtown Austin trying to figure out their next move. Without any parking permits or really anything to help them find out a place to set the tour bus to rest, the boys set out on a mission to find the answer to that problem. They ended up getting an inside-tip from and Austin local that they would be well off cruising to “House Skate-park” in order to buy some time and do some promo. So they boys rolled on over to the skate-park, immediately making friends and sharing their California-Love. After a long day at the skate-park they decided it was time to hit the town. They all hopped back on the tour bus and made their way back downtown. Within the first 10 minutes the boys were flagged down by someone who turned out to be the CEO of, Blake Irving, whom host Jelly's website. Shortly, after the boys ditched the bus and took to the streets; with Jelly’s grooving beneath their feet and their “Left Coast – Trestles – IPA” in hand they took to the streets. After mobbin' all around the town the boys found their way into a pop-up party that had Ludacris, a well-known Hip-Hip artist out of Atlanta Georgia. The rest was history.


Lesson Learned: Austin, Texas during SXSW is full of incredibly open-minded and welcoming human beings. Opportunities are endless as long as one keeps an open hear.

Words from the highly elusive Mitch Tenney: “Good things happen to people whom believe that good things can happen to them.”

And isn’t that true, especially when one has realized their privilege and is willing to take advantage of that privilege.

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