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On a Roll at SXSW

On a Roll at SXSW

March 15, 2016


With the sun beaming through the shades of the tour buses windows, the boys slowly rose to a beautiful Austin morning. Sven, the CEO & Founder of Jelly Skateboards had a meeting scheduled for the afternoon, so the boys with Travi Taxi Man of Funk Shui Planet at the wheel drove into town to drop him off. Soon after they went on an adventure to find a place to park the tour bus. It didn’t take long for yet another door to open. They boys had parked the tour bus in a 5 minute loading zone, simply to hop out, skate around, and possibly even sell some boards. Within minutes, someone approached the crew and asked if they had any plans on parking in the city. Without any proper paperwork, the boys simply replied with a “No”. The man then proceeded to invite them to park in his parking lot was filled with food-trucks, on one condition only. Which was to play music, have a good time, and pull business.

Challenge was accepted. 30 minutes later, the tour bus was parked on 7th and Red-River in the “Dirty 6” of downtown Austin. Right upon arrival Funk Shui Planet set up their music equipment and took it upon themselves to start the party. They didn’t get to bed until around 4am.



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