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March 28, 2016

jelly skateboards_tour_bus_texas_cowboy

SXSW a space where artist and entrepreneurs alike come together to create a space for growth and hands down one of the most vibe’d out creative festivals in America.

The boys definitely got the whole experience; from meeting the CEO’s of some great American companies and top American entrepreneurs, to getting invited to a hidden recording studio tucked away in the outskirts of downtown Austin. No opportunity went untouched; the boys really took advantage of absolutely everything that came their way.


It’s almost humorous that they were able to create so much out of thin air.

 After dropping their anchor in The Red River Cultural District, only a street away from “the happening"  6th street and some of the best venues in Austin, the crew finally found home. Funk Shui Planet was able to play music whenever they wanted. Kazim the lot-boss, loved the tunes so much that he told the boys to play music whenever they wanted, even after 2am, which was absolutely against the rules. They took advantage of the offer and played their hearts out with every chance they had, pulling in all sorts of lovely people from all walks of life with their good vibrations. On top of all of the music, Jelly Skateboards were grooving and moving all over the place. Dozens of people were lured in by the flex and flow of the Jelly Boards. With every chance they got the boys would take their boards and roll throughout Austin. They showcased the decks to any person willing to ride the tide, talking to people left and right to get a feel for the boards. Countless people fell in love with the boards and bought their personally customized completes, right then and there.


“Work is just love made visible” Kahlil Gibran

One of the greatest accomplishments that was agreed upon by the boys was that they were able to create a sense of community throughout the lot, befriending local homeless people, food vendors, policeman and security guards alike. It was so beautiful to see the different kinds of people who would come over to the space, each person coming with different motives; some coming to enjoy the endless beer that they had in stock, others to listen to the music or to test out the skateboards. In the end most of the people that came over said it was for the positive vibes and love. Which is why the boys believe such great things happened to them. They all agreed on the fact that being so positive, kind, giving, loving and hardworking is why so many others decided to reciprocate and share themselves in return, which ultimately lead to one of the most all around successful trips of their lives.

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” – James Taylor


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