Jelly Bus Laguna Beach During SXSW Blake flagged down the Jelly Bus as they made their way through Austin, Texas. An avid skater, surfer and biker Blake hopped aboard with his team and we threw him a beer. Turns out that we have been a loyal customer of Godaddy since we bought our website domain in 2012. Blake digged our positive vibe and suggested the next time he was in San Diego we meet up for his new facebook series "Shake with Blake".

This sounds crazy but when Blake showed up to the Jelly Bus a few weeks later, it was raining in San Diego! That maybe happens four times a year. Click the video link below to watch Blake and Sven's casual conversion on what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to innovate within an industry.

CEO of Godaddy & CEO of Jelly Skateboards


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