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"Innovative Jelly Skateboards Rolls Onto the Mainstream Skate Scene" -GoDaddy

"Innovative Jelly Skateboards Rolls Onto the Mainstream Skate Scene" -GoDaddy

May 20, 2016

Crazy how some things come together so naturally. That's exactly what happened when the Jelly Team randomly met the CEO of GoDaddy Blake Irving on our SXSW trip in Austin Texas.

GoDaddy_CEO_Blake_Irving_and_Jelly Skateboards_Crew_in_SXSW

Blake digged our positive vibe so much that he hooked us up with GoDaddy's social media specialist Jillian Johnson to do an article on the behind-the-scenes of Jelly Skateboards. What was crazy about meeting Jillian for the first time was that we later found out that she is our Co-Founder sister's friend from college! Just another reminder on how we live in such a small world..


Jillian's article provides an indepth look into how CEO Sven Alwerud started Jelly Skateboards and what the future looks like for our rapidly growing brand. 

"Sven’s never been about playing it safe; he’s here to push boundaries. And with an innovative board and a focus on his customers, why not? After all, when your customers are happy, your business is happy. And Sven is all about a running a happy business — both now and in the future."

Thank you so much GoDaddy and especially Jillian for sharing our story! You can check out the full article here.



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