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California to Texas Recap - THE JELLY TOUR

California to Texas Recap - THE JELLY TOUR

July 20, 2016

The X Games were only days away. The adventure began as the crew made its first part of the trek towards Texas. Getting close to Arizona, the crew stopped at the Imperial Sand Dunes to have some fun trying to “sandboard” down the dunes and take cool pictures. Check out some of the cool shots we got!
After the dunes, the crew drove through Arizona and New Mexico, and made it all the way to El Paso, TX where they met with DC Skate Plaza local,  John. Check out these cool clips of John and Zeya skating the new Jelly Street Deck.

After the park, Jelly Skateboards headed to the nearest Walmart and called it a night. The next morning, they woke up in the Walmart parking lot, had some breakfast, and headed to the first big destination, Austin, TX for the X Games. The games were great! Unfortunately, on the second day there, the games were hit with an intense rain, wind, and thunderstorms. Everyone at the games was forced to evacuate. When it wasn’t storming, the crew enjoyed the games to the fullest! With event passes, the Jelly crew was able to catch the event from behind the scenes and Zeya himself even got to skate the street course with the Jelly Street Deck.x_games_street_austinPeople’s eyes got wide when they saw the clear decks brought in. They were so curious and eager to try riding the boards themselves, and the crew was so excited to be able to share what Jelly had to offer with them. It was an amazing time at the X Games. The Jelly Crew met some good people who quickly became their friends. The X Games definitely did not let anyone down.jelly_clear_street_deck_x_gamesWhen The X Games were over, Jelly decided to do some night time city skating in downtown Austin. After grabbing some local Texas craft beer and eating some grub, the crew revisited the famous 6th street. They skated around and Zeya even did the famous Nose Manual through crowds of people. When the crew stumbled upon some pretty empty parking garages, they took full advantage of the situation. Capping off their Austin adventures by skating down the parking garages was a solid way to do so.

Until next time, Austin!

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