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From Sweet Teas to Manhattans – THE JELLY TOUR

From Sweet Teas to Manhattans – THE JELLY TOUR

July 20, 2016

Arriving in Savannah, Georgia, Sven and Zeya met up with their friend Justin Hodges, a Savannah local. He showed the boys around town, skated with them at the local skate spots, and hooked them up with that great southern hospitality. When they were exploring the streets of the historic district, they came across a chunky stair set with brick runway and downhill landing. It was a pretty intimidating set, but Zeya is always up for a challenge, and this was one he wanted to conquer.
Once the boys had their fun with the historic district, the crew took advantage of the warm and calm night. They went back to Justin’s place along the Savannah River to enjoy some boiled peanuts and watch the sunset before venturing back downtown for some food, drinks, and slushies from Wet Willies. After a day full of skating and a fun night out, the boys went back to Justin’s southern cottage for a good’s night rest before driving all the way to DC the next day.
What an amazing city DC was! Jelly Skateboards really got a feel for the roots of America when they saw all the historical and famous buildings. The patriotism was real! Zeya and Sven road their boards to the White House, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and all the other greats of the city.

Next stop: New York City! The boys left DC pretty late, so they decided to drive until they reached Maryland to sleep. Where at, you ask? That’s right: The Walmart Resort; a key component to any road trip across the US. The patriotism from DC was carrying over :p Jelly would like to personally give a shout out to Walmart for allowing people like the Jelly Crew to have a place to crash after a long drive (pun lol).

It was hot waking up the next morning, being that they were a big metal box baking in the sun! Sven  immediately started up Jellica, the new name for the bus, turned on the AC, and headed to NY.

New York City proved to be expensive before the crew even got there. Passing through toll roads, the costs were more than just pocket change to drive though. Finally making it to New York, the Jelly bus’s moving-billboard-from-California aesthetic turned a lot of heads as it drove through the crowded city streets; especially Times Square. nyc_jelly_manhattan_shortboard_cruiser_time_squareThe crew skated the Pier 62 skatepark. Not only did it have a great build, but it was located right along the Hudson River. Another one of the crew’s skate stops was at Central Park, where they met up with local long boarders and skaters to enjoy Go Skate Day! Jelly was so happy to finally show the New Yorkers what our clear California boards are even teaching some how to ride!

You can’t go to New York without joining a party with a balcony view of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River. It’s just not allowed, apparently. So, the Jelly crew took it upon themselves to have their very own Jelly party in just that setting. There was sushi served on Jelly decks, Jelly beans, drinks, and good vibes!
Keep your eyes peeled for the next stretch of the journey; the journey to the Mid-West.

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