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From the West Coast to the East Coast...and Back - The Jelly Tour Recap

From the West Coast to the East Coast...and Back - The Jelly Tour Recap

July 21, 2016

The Crew’s next big stop was Minnesota and there was a new addition to the crew for the last leg of the trip: Jelly’s own Torrin.


It was a beautiful drive through New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. When the boys reached Ohio, they grabbed some grub at “Charlie Staples” Famous BBG. Good vibes were definitely shared between the workers and the Jelly Boys. They ate the New Orleans themed food and were sent off with smiles as they hopped back on the road toward Minnesota.


Arriving in Minnesota late that night, the crew stayed at a hotel to get a good night’s rest before heading to the Jelly Manufacturing Factory the next morning. When the boys woke up, they had breakfast and found out that word travels fast: Everyone knew Jelly Skateboards was in town! Kids were coming up to the crew asking for autographs., and the crew was beyond ecstatic to share the Jelly light and love.

Arriving at the factory was stellar! The boys checked on our fresh batch of Jellys being molded. 


The Crew learned about how the big machines cut, heat, and mold the products. Word on the street is that this new batch of Jelly Boards is an excellent one with the most clear and clean look yet! Hot out of the oven, and ready to ride for sure. After checking out the boards being manufactured and loading them on to the Jelly Tour bus, the crew was back on the road headed for Denver, Colorado.


Driving from Minnesota to Denver has brought the Jelly Skateboards Crew through lots of grass and farmlands on both sides of the road.  It was an endless green drive, but once the bus reached Denver, the scenery began to shift. We happened to get there right as a stormed had passed through. It seemed like it cleared up just for us. The river runs through the city was rushing, and hail was still on the ground, but Colorado came in clutch with the brightest of sunshines and double rainbows towering through the sky. Double rainbow!


We then hung out in downtown Denver for the night. Having the urge we decide to go skate at 11:30pm. Just one block away from getting off the bus, immediately we are approached by some street thugs with not so good intentions. They asked “where you guys going?! Where you going with my shoes”? Zeya happened to be wearing his brightly colored Michael Jordan shoes & these guys really wanted them. We knew right away that this wasn’t a good situation so we skated as fast as we could. After two blocks of pushing away very fast, these guys are still sprinting behind us until finally they realized they couldn’t keep up. Luckily we had our Jelly boards or we would have been in a tough situation in downtown Denver. We  made it back to the Jelly bus & drove to a safer area to close down shop.

The boys started their day off by hitting up a local skate shop to set up a new street deck complete! When the board was complete, they decided to show off what the new deck is capable of at the Denver Skatepark.

Denver was a success, and it was time to hit Moab, Utah!

The Jelly crew linked up with their good friend, Brian Essig, an awesome river rafting guide. He showed the crew around town and brought them to the local eateries.While driving through the city of Moab, giant, red-rocked cliff scapes had the most majestic presence and towered over them. They were were all on their way to go raft down the Colorado river and were in awe of even more dense cliffs. The scenery was a sight to be seen, and the history of the sandstone formations was right in front of their eyes.


The boys finally got to the river, unloaded the rafts, geared up, and floated down stream. They definitely had a fantastic time being wild, enjoying the scenery, and charging the rapids. Check out their good times!

After an amazing time in majestic Moab, the crew had to say goodbye to their buddies. Always sad to do, but It was Vegas time.

Leaving Utah and heading towards the next destination seemed like the longest drive of the tour yet. The Jelly bus had been driving straight through many states on the Jelly Tour but when home was just a few states away, every mile seemed like forever. The terrain started to get dryer and dryer; especially when they reached Vegas. It was scorching out there.


After 34 days, driving 8,240 miles and visiting 26 States they finally see the “Welcome To California” sign, Sven, Zeya, and Torrin knew they were already home. The Jelly Crew made it back to the Jelly warehouse in San Diego in awe reflecting back on the tour they just conquered! So many states; so many awesome people; so many unforgettable adventures.

It seems like forever since skating at the X Games in Austin, TX, swimming in the warm waters of Florida with Manatees, and visiting living history in Washington D.C. Jelly is so inspired to keep on “spreading the jelly!” We are so grateful for every state we visited, every park skated & every friend we were able to vibe with. It was a joy to “spread the jelly!” Thank you to all!


Stay tuned for the next Jelly Tour..

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