Growing a business on Instagram: Jelly Skateboards from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

Jelly Skateboards is so excited to announce the release of the Instagram business success story feature video. For Jelly, Instagram was a game changer in it’s ability to provide a business platform that emphasizes marketing direct to consumer. CEO Sven attributes his ability to brand and communicate with his customers to the platform. Most recently they implemented the Instagram for Business tools to provide insights and reach new customers.

Sven's first venture was servicing skateboards at his local skatepark when he was just 13. Throughout high school, he started building his own skateboard decks which ultimately served as a catalyst for the production of his one of a kind, clear-bullet resistant, skateboard for the first time. With Instagram, he was able to take what was initially a passion project and grow it into what is now a thriving business. The Business Tools feature sheds light on what posts are optimizing conversion and create effective marketing strategies to retain customers and drive sales. Sven and the Jelly team are so grateful to Instagram as an integral part of the businesses success, and look forward to utilizing the platform in the growth for the future. Follow us on Instagram here!


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