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On the Flow in Florida – THE JELLY TOUR

On the Flow in Florida – THE JELLY TOUR

July 20, 2016

It was a long journey from Texas to Florida. The Jelly tour bus passed through the southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama until it finally reached Pensacola, Florida. The Crew’s first job was to assemble boards and send them out to the new Jelly boarders. Welcome to the club, guys! Second priority: getting the first taste of the ocean since leaving California. Naturally, the Crew stopped at a few beaches along the gulf coast to check out how the Florida coast compares to home. The warm water definitely won the crew over. The crew had yet to judge the great Atlantic. The next day called for some Jelly action. The crew headed to Saint Petersburg to check out the Lake Vista Skatepark – it’s always a good time showing locals our streetdeck. The crew loves seeing fellow skaters get excited about the transparency and legitimacy of the boards! Check out Zeya doing his thing at the skate park! Exploring and using new obstacles with our Jelly boards is what we are all about.
The Jelly Crew headed to Longboat Key Island to explore some more Florida territory. It was like something out of a book for sure. The beach’s jungle feel extended all the way into the water as trees marched off the sand and into the water. To make it even better, the crew was greeted by a family of manatees! Seriously! Manatees! The family came casually swimming up to us and repeatedly swam by to get their bellies rubbed for an hour. It was an incredible moment!!
After a solid swim session with the new manatee friends, the crew made its way to Miami where they parked at the good ole’ Walmart resort :p The boys woke up and met up with some homies, and skated to South Beach together where Sven and Zeya made the coast-to-coast mark official; from the warm Pacific to the crystal clear Atlantic. After horsing around for a bit in the water, the crew skated back to the Jelly Bus and made way to the Lot 11 Skatepark, found underneath a freeway bridge.
After the day of fun at the beach & skatepark, the boys headed to their homies’ Chris & Jon home for some home-made burritos then passed out. The next morning everyone headed to the Florida Everglades for a private Airboat tour. It was overall a fantastic time being able to see the swamp and grassland area while learning about how the ecosystem works. The tour guide was an awesome dude and gave the crew a good thrill charging through it all.
Moving on from the the everglades, the crew said goodbye to their friends and headed to the city of Jupiter. The first thing they did upon arriving in the new city was – you guessed it - skate the skatepark. The staff was really nice and stoked to see the Jelly Tour Bus roll up to their park. The kids skating around were super welcoming, too. Their curiosity at the clear skateboards they had never seen before was awesome. Jelly showed them what the boards could do and they all took turns trying them out themselves.
Jelly Skateboards capped off the day by stopping at their friend’s shop, the Blueline Surf & Paddle Surf Shop. After some browsing around Jupiter, FL premier surf shop, they all headed to Guanabanas Restaurant to grab some grub and call it a night. Florida, you showed the Jelly Crew yet another good time to add to the list. The beginning of the east coast journey is off to a rad start as you brought great beaches, friends, and a solid skating time. The Jelly Crew is now back on the road and headed towards Savannah, Georgia! Keep an eye out for the next leg of the Jelly Tour.

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