At the ripe age of 7, Jelly Skateboards’ founder Sven Alwerud discovered his love for skateboarding. By the time he was 12, he had started his first business at the local skatepark in his hometown, cleaning and oiling skateboard bearings for $5.00 flat. His love for the hobby developed into an obsession during high school when Sven and best friend Cody started creating skateboard decks in their childhood garage. Bored of using the same wood material over and over again, they thought “why not try making a clear skateboard”? For the next few months they tested different clear materials until Sven’s father, a robotics engineer, suggested using a clear engineering resin composite commonly known as bullet proof glass. After cutting out two boards from a sheet, they took them out to ride for a bit, and left them in the garage along with hundreds of other boards they had made, thinking nothing of it.  

Fast forward, Sven was paying his way through college in San Diego, and frugality was the name of the game. Not wanting to pay the hefty $700 for the school parking pass, he decided to park off campus and skate to class. Investing in a new skateboard, justifiably,  didn’t seem all that appealing so Sven went back to his garage where he dug up that very same clear board, and started skating it to class.

Sven quickly realized that people were captivated by his clear board. He was stopped and stared at on and off campus, almost defeating the purpose to get anywhere on time, let alone class. People were asking him where his board was from, where they could find one, and some were so in love with his clear innovation, they offered to buy the skateboard right off of him. That’s when Sven had his “ah-ha” moment. He called up his best friend Cody, now in his first year of getting his manufacturing engineering degree, knowing he had access to a state of the art machine that could make a new version of their childhood brainchild. Cody made two prototype boards, sent them down to Sven, and the Jelly journey began.

Sven took those prototypes back on his college campus, and around to friends to get feedback from his peers. The response was overwhelming to say the least. People were going crazy over this clear skateboard’s style, and the memorable ride it gave them. Sven knew he had something. On March 21, 2012 Jelly Skateboards was officially incorporated and the first batch of Jelly Boards was manufactured, and sold.

Nowadays we’re rolling better than ever. Our boards, trucks and add ons are guaranteed and proven quality that ensure you will achieve the dopest ride, biggest flex and legendary good time. Jelly Skateboards is an all-round look good, feel good company. Our customers, skaters, and employees are the heart and soul of our company and all of our business ventures, practices and relationships are held to the highest standard with you in mind.

Jelly Skateboards 
Ride the Tide

CEO Sven Inspecting Jelly Man O' War Longboards