Riser pads were boring, so BLOCK made them fun! The BettyBOX riser is the riser pad that your pops wished he had back in the day. Block's patent pending riser system allows you to swap out different inserts like the StashBLOCK and GoBLOCK. Have a GoPro? Mount it to your Jelly to catch some killer viewz while you skate! Want to keep something a secret? Stash it with the all-new StashBLOCK! Hide valuables underneath your Jelly while you're on the move.


GoBLOCK GoPro® Mount

GoBLOCK provides a view like no other: less vibrations, killer angles and never in the way of your feet when you ride. Built with a dual finger release mechanism, locking tabs keep your GoPro mounted securely with vibration restraints. The result is the smoothest footage you can capture on a skateboard. The GoPro® locks simply and securely into the BettyBOX housing.


StashBLOCK Drawer

Need a place to stash your keys or some extra cash? StashBLOCK has a massive 1.13³ compartment to keep all your most desired possesions safe. StashBLOCK fits any board & stores your stuff with an optional top cover for a drama free ride. The GoBLOCK features dual finger-release locking tabs allowing it to lock simply and securely into the BettyBOX housing.


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