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Jelly Man O' War 34-Inch Pintail Longboard Complete - Aqua
The Flex of a snowboard meets the Flow of a surfboard giving you an incredible riding experience unlike any other. The Jelly Man O' War Longboard deck gives you a larger rebound from the bottom of your pumping motion, generating greater forward momentum allowing you to effortlessly ride longer and smoother than ever.
Fully Assembled Complete Ready To Ship Includes:
  • (1) Durable Clear Man O’ War Longboard Deck (34"L x 9"W)
  • (2) 9" Matte White Caliber Trucks 50º
  • (4) Grippy Polyurethane Wheels 64mm 78a
  • (2) Functional BLOCK Skateboard Risers
  • (8) High precision Abec 7 Bearings 
  • (1) Set of Zinc Pan Head Mounting Hardware 
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Jelly Kingslayer 26-Inch Shortboard Cruiser Complete - Burn

Surf the streets with the Jelly Shortboard Complete Cruiser that is equipped with a 20 degree kicktail. Whether you're cruising to class or checkin' the waves, the Jelly Kingslayer will make any skate session feel like you are surfing the sea-ment waves in the concrete jungle.  Ships set-up and ready to skate.

Fully Assembled Complete Ready To Ship Includes:

  • (1) Kingslayer shortboard deck (26"L x 7"W)
  • (2) 7" Jelly Trucks
  • (4) Jellyrolls 62mm 78a wheels
  • (8) Abec 7 bearings
  • (2) BLOCK BettyBOX universal riser mounts
  • (1) Set of mounting hardware

*Colors may vary from product photos due to lighting.

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