Below are some common concerns of our customers. If you have other questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Answer: Made from bullet resistant glass, the Jelly material is extremely strong all while being 100% recyclable and UV stable.

Answer: No, silly! It’s a thermoplastic polymer (plastic) that was invented in 1898 by a German scientist working at University of Munich. Polycarbonate can be found in the F-22 Raptor cockpit canopy, Humvee windows, bank windows, International Space Station, the list goes on and on!
Answer: We currently don’t offer grip, but the way we like to describe the grip is the same grippyness one feels when they are playing basketball on an indoor wood court. The squeaky sensation that you get between your shoes and the gym floor is the same feeling you get when riding a Jelly. Also, the new Man O’ War Longboard has concave that help lock in your feet.
Answer: Polycarbonate is extremely durable and possesses high-impact strength all while being 100% recyclable under classification “7”. We offer a six-month warranty and will send another board if structural damage arises whether by a manufacturer’s defect or by personal use, no questions asked.
Yes, yes it does. Just like any skateboard out there, they will get scratched up. That’s just the nature of the sport.