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Top 5 Places to Cruise on Your Longboard in the USA

1. Pacific Beach

If you’ve visited San Diego before, you know you can expect two things, sunsets and some of the best fish tacos north of the border. The cities breathtaking views attract more than food culture, as one of the most popular skate communities in the U.S. In Pacific Beach, head start in the Palisades Park on the north end of the boardwalk and ending at the North Jetty, gives you a 6-7 mile ride along the beautiful SD coastline. Be sure to stop by Oscar’s Mexican Seafood off Emerald Street, where you can find locals enjoying the sunset and best fish tacos in town.

2. Venice Beach Boardwalk

The  Southern California beach town that started it all. During the 70’s the Dogtown crew kicked off the skateboard revolution with their iconic style. Today, skating through the streets of Venice, you will still see the remnants of their lasting mark on the cities culture. Skating down the boardwalk, you can do some of the best people watching along the L.A. coastline. People from all walks of life, live music, and eclectic street performances, are what make Venice, well… Venice. After skating around, don’t forget to grab a bite, and a brew, at the Venice Ale House off Rose Ave. Craft beer, sunsets, and awesome California beach culture, everyone will love.


3. "Dirty 6th Street" - Austin, TX

Keep it weird Austin! At least that’s what they say! During our trip to SXSW we got to get to know the city pretty well. Austin is one of the coolest cities that we’ve visited on our amazing summer tour. The people are rad, the food is incredible, and the vibes are out of this world legendary. After skating around a few spots we came across, we later found out that Austin is home to some of the best parking structures to bomb, in the heart of the city! Once you're ready to listen to live music, head over to “Dirty 6th Street” which is where all of the city's iconic bars have different live music to enjoy. One of our favorite spots was the Easy Tiger. Excellent food and craft beer but best of all they had a couple ping pong tables! 

4. Clearwater, Florida

One of the memorable cities we stopped off in on our Jelly Tour, was Tampa, Florida. Some good friends of ours recommended we skate along the Clearwater Boardwalk. Not to our surprise, It was one of the most beautiful beaches that we visited on our tour. Skate along the  Florida coastline and take a moment to walk the beach! The sand is as fine as chalk, and as white as pearls. It can get pretty hot out there, but the crystal clear water is the perfect fix to refresh and hop back on your board!


5. Westside Highway New York City

In the city that never sleeps the Westside Highway sidewalk is a high energy-beautiful cruise along the Hudson River. This eight mile skate, from start to finish, can have its obstacles at times with the heavy traffic of bikers and fellow skaters, but it’s all totally worth it. If you're ever in Manhattan, and feel ready to take on the mission, you can end your long skate at the North River Lobster Boat. Hope on the boat for no cost, and set sail along the Hudson river, overlooking the iconic Manhattan skyline.

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