Jelly Kingslayer 26-Inch Shortboard Cruiser Deck - Aqua

$ 85.00

$ 85.00

Jelly Skateboards

The Jelly Kingslayer is the the ultimate pumping machine! The 100% high-grade polycarbonate surface, along with a 20 degree kicktail allows you to thrash any local sea-ment waves! 

Dimensions: 26"L x 7.18"W

*Colors may vary from product photos due to lighting.

Look & Feel

Jelly offers a variety of boards that can be enjoyed by every level of rider. They outfit proven, old school shapes with innovative, high tech materials. Not your average skateboard deck, Jelly decks are able to withstand a shot from a .22 caliber rifle. Hammer it, drop it, thrash it, shoot it (this is not recommended at all), run it over, and keep on going.

Flow & Flex

The bulletproof glass composite allows for an insane amount of flex. Like, run it over kind of flex. This not only serves as a shock absorber but it combines the flex of a snowboard to the flow of a surfboard. Specifically, what Jelly decks allow is larger rebound from the bottom of your pumping motion, which generates greater forward propulsion. Find your rhythm and you’re flying.

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