Jelly Man O' War 34-Inch Pintail Longboard Deck - Burn SOLD OUT WAIT L

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Jelly Man O' War 34-Inch Pintail Longboard Deck - Burn SOLD OUT WAIT LIST ONLY

  • The Jelly Man O' War Longboard Deck is the the ultimate carving machine! The 100% high-grade bulletproof resin, incorporated with an 11" radial concave creates a spring in the deck that makes you feel like you're snowboarding and surfing at the same time!

    • (1) Super Durable Man O’ War Longboard Deck (34"L x 9"W)
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Space-age material meets classic design to create a truly unique longboard ride. Imagine carving through deep powder on an epic powder day or hitting the ultimate bottom turn propelling you through to the next section of the wave. That is the same exact feeling and flex you get on the Jelly Man O' War Longboard. If you aren't 100% stoked, return it and we'll even pay for the return shipping.